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Travel Nursing classroom



Travel Nursing Classroom

This site is dedicated to nurses across the country who are interested in travel nursing. The goal of this site is to serve as an unbiased resource to nursing professionals who are currently traveling or considering travel nursing. No selling, no companies, no recruiters, just great information for you nurses out there.

About Mike

I’m a family man who has spent the better part of a decade working with thousands of travel nurses. But now that I am no longer a recruiter, its my mission to help as many nurses as possible by sharing the insider travel nursing knowledge you’ll find in this site.

A Big Problem…

When I used to work as a recruiter and team leader for one of the biggest travel nursing companies out there, I saw a big problem in the industry. That problem?  There is sooo much information that travel nurses need to know that is essential to a travel nurses ultimate success, but companies and recruiters don’t spend the numerous hours and hours of education a travel nurse needs to be truly successful from the start.  Not only that, but the recruiter and company make money from the travel nurses working for them.  So, this leads to a travel nurse feeling unsure, vulnerable, under educated and not knowing who to trust.

Before You Go…

This site wouldn’t be possible without you.  The blog, the podcast and the courses we offer are based on feedback from people like you.  We would love it if you took a moment to send us an email about you and even a question or topic about travel nursing you think should be addressed.  You will probably end up helping some fellow nurses too!  Simply email me at Mike@TravelNursingClassroom.com.  Thank you!


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